Thursday, April 7, 2011

Promoting Modesty: Unlocking Femininity And Modesty That link is about a good artical about modesty that I was really wanting to share with everyone. I am having trouble with copying and pasting so that is why the artical is not view and read the artical, simply type in the link above in the Google search engine to find and read! Thanks so much for understanding. God Bless and Happy reading! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abstract: This Earth Shaking Ground

Captured with thought, I trot I trot along life's merry way.
My heart is longing for direction, my mind is believing this correction -my feet appear to make.
I rake up my hurt feelings and throw them up high, to see which one I can catch falling from the sky. I don't do this often but when I do, I regret it much and so would you.
I try to be cheerful as I am today but, this mask I am yielding to is not allowing MY stay.
MY way. More importantly -the only way...He lives up above and in my heart -He's my one TRUE love.
Some think I'm silly to rely on HIM, but I'd rather do that than not at all. I'm a clumsy one, and I do fall. These bruises and scrapes would be much worse! If I didn't have HIM, I believed I'd be cursed! Oh what a journey this life brings me down, now I lay resting on this earth-shaking ground.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes Again...

Go Here:

I pray Lord

Every breath I will choose to glorify Christ with.
Every day will I be more willing to give.
I want to live and serve my Savior.
I am grateful for His love and favor.
Christ picks me up when I fall when I cannot carry on.
He knows my every burden and He gladly takes it from me.
Sometimes I can't breathe in His grace and soak it all up and rest, I'm often put to the test. But it's all for good and all for His glory so that I will all the more boldly share HIS story.
I want to take it all upon me, but my burdens are meant to be given to HE.
HE is the only one who truly understands my pain.
No one else can comprehend the love in his rain.
When it pours down upon me like a flood, all I can do is surrender to the blood.
Christ my Savior, He is a loving God, He's a breath of fresh air, He frees me from despair.
We go about traveling the sod, together we walk enjoying each others company.
It's just Him and me, I love the Lord so much.
And more every day. I just need to trust Him, I'm going to start today.
Help me keep in touch Lord, with you everyday. This is my plea Lord, my greatest prayer I pray, Amen.

-Tina R.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Adore Christ

I am convinced that nothing or no one can separate me from the love of God.
God's love is so high, so wide so measureless.
Not angels no demons no power on earth or Heaven not distance nor danger no trouble no where will ever take me from God's great love.
Not hardship nor hunger no pain or death or sorrow not weakness no failure no broken dream or promise. Forever God's love will remain, and I will never be separated from His love. Neither will you.
Give thanks to God today! He is worthy. The Lord has done so much for me, the least I can do is give God thanks, and praise.
He's a wonderful merciful Savior, Jesus is offering you hope today, Jesus IS that hope! Your heart is hungry, cry out to Jesus...and be fed. Hunger and thirst no more.
God is always faithfully loving us...let's strive daily to faithfully love Him back.
Praise Him today, and thank Him for his amazing love.
The sun can not compare to the glory of God's shadow can hide His presence.
Give Jesus the honor He deserves, today and forever.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God's Love

There' a love inside I can't contain.
It's God above, yes He's to blame for giving me this smile on my face.
Not everyday is perfect, nothing is anyway.
Except this love I can't contain.

It's God's love, It fills me up.
God's love, it's enough -to take away your pain.
And all the emptiness inside.
He can wipe away your shame.
And free you from your night.

It's God's love.
God you reign forever more.
It's what we're searching for.
Help us to adore.
YOU LORD and all your ways.

Take our gray skies away.
Help us to pray.
We wanna' follow you.
Help us to call on you.

You know, praise is what I do.
God's love is my life.
I can't live without Him. For God is life and He is love.
I am forever giving thanks, to THE ONE above.

If He does it for me, He'll do it for you.
You want this love inside you too?
I know you want that emptiness gone.
God's the only one who can fill your heart with song.

It may be deep, but not to deep for God and His' love.
Seek the Father up above.
Jesus Christ...
He's my onlyTRUE love.

There's a love inside I can't contain....

-Tina R.

Friday, February 25, 2011

ATTENTION EVERYONE!! Calling All People! Read This!!

Hello! Okay so, I've got 4 blogs I'm juggling now! :) I felt God leading me to create another website. To see what that website is all about, please click on the link above. Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy my new website! I will keep all of my blogs up to date, so don't worry readers! Who says I can't juggle? LOL. Now this new website only has one post so far -it was just created today so, give it time...and I will have some more posts up in the near future for all of you to read if you are interested! i'm excited about the new blog and I hope you are too! Go check it out! =]


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